DIY: Ribbon Bow T-Shirt Makeover

Tuesday, March 26

This t-shirt makeover idea was inspired by Azoria's Breton Tee (above) and I think it's such a lovely way to jazz up a plain top. For my DIY version, I opted for two horizontal stripes above the bust line because I felt that this created a more balanced and flattering silhouette for my smaller frame. This tutorial requires no sewing, hardly many materials and almost no time at all.

1. You will need: Top/tshirt, chalk pencil, ribbon, scissors, ruler, candle, glue gun/ fabric glue.
2. Mark a straight horizontal line across the t-shirt using a chalk pencil and ruler. It's a good idea to try on the t-shirt first and see where you'd like the ribbon to be. I would be wary about wanting to put the ribbon across the t-shirt where the fullest part of your bust would be because the tshirt needs to remain stretchy in that area for obvious reasons.
3. Snip the end of the ribbon to match the seam line. Seal the raw edges with heat from a candle flame or other means.
4. Start gluing the ribbon over the chalk line.
5. Repeat with as many rows of ribbon as you'd like.
6. Create a little bow and glue it onto one of the pieces of ribbon and voila!

Please excuse how pilly and linty my tshirt looks! It's spent many cycles in the wash and was ready for a new lease on life.

DIY Tutorial: Batwing draped overlay top

Sunday, March 17

So here is my tutorial for how to make a sheer, draped batwing top, which I was wearing in my last outfit post. I hope you guys like it and it really takes no more than 20 minutes :D

  1. Cut or rip a piece of chiffon fabric into a rectangle with the dimensions 112 x 55 cm.
  2. Fold the fabric as shown. The diagonal fold will result in a stunning asymmetrical drape in the final top.
  3. Lay your favourite crew neck top over the fold and trace the outline with chalk.
  4. Cut and make sure the hole is big enough to fit your head through it before sewing.
  5. Roll the edge of the neckline inwards about 5mm and press. Roll it in again, press, and sew it down.
  6. To hem the outside edges, set your sewing machine to zig zag stitch and sew along/ over the edge. The fabric should curl and leave you with a nice finished edge. Alternatively, you can seal the edges with heat e.g. from a candle flame.

Belt from Forever New

DIY: Floaty batwing sheer top

Monday, March 11

oh god I'm balding..

Sometimes all you want to do is throw on a floaty top and twirl around in circles. This is one of those tops. This is also one of those tops where you can wear over something that's a little revealing to make it a bit more formal, or if you want to hide those shoulders and upper arms. Even better, it's one of the easiest sewing DIYs that I've done and requires just a rectangular piece of fabric and no sewing pattern. Tutorial up soon :)

White Sailing

Friday, March 1

Wearing: Octavia Grace white blazer, ICE nautical cardigan

When I was thinking about what to wear on the first day of autumn, I envisioned myself donning a loose sweater emblazoned with scattered red/orange leaf motifs and even though I actually own this very sweater, the stupid shoulder pads somehow made me look like a footballer. This is even after I cut them off!! Ah well, I will look ridiculous in shoulder pads for you guys in another post haha. 

This outfit was inspired by the transitional weather. Hence light summery colours and layers. I think I quite like the combination of a block-coloured blazer and printed cardigan actually. The busy print is a nice contrast.

I'm trying to write a speech for one of my friends' 21st birthday next week and I wanted to ask for format ideas? I was thinking maybe a poem, a timeline, a song.. or?

Softly, softly

Friday, February 15

Wearing: Forever New lace crochet top, Temt ruffled skirt, Airflex nude wedges

So today is my 21st birthday. I went out for lunch and dinner with a few friends and over the course of the day I've eaten Thai, Japanese and Italian cuisine. (A Brunetti's birthday cake counts as Italian cuisine right??).

Wow I can't believe I'm 21 now. A lot of people have welcomed and commented on all the things I can do now that I'm 'legal' worldwide. How since I'm working this year, I can help pay off the mortgage. How I should contribute more to society. Go sponsor a child. But honestly, just because society thinks that I should/ shouldn't do certain things I'm a bit too old to be doing them, doesn't mean I'll stop. I'm still going to wear hipster glasses, climb trees, learn to ride a bike (OMG I KNOW!!), shop at Jay Jays, run through sprinklers, and have my parents pay for my train ticket fare. Okay no, that last one.. I'll definitely start paying for my own train ticket fare.
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